347 Distress, etc

347  Distress, etc

(1)     [CRAR (the power of commercial rent arrears recovery under section 72(1) of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007) is exercisable where the tenant is an undischarged bankrupt] (subject to [sections 252(2)(b) and 254(1) above and] subsection (5) below) against goods and effects comprised in the bankrupt's estate, but only for 6 months' rent accrued due before the commencement of the bankruptcy.

(2)     [Where CRAR has been exercised to recover rent from] an individual to whom [a bankruptcy application or] a bankruptcy petition relates and a bankruptcy order is subsequently made [as a result of that application or] on that petition, any amount recovered by way of [CRAR] which—

(a)     is in excess of the amount which by virtue of subsection (1) would have been recoverable afte

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