185 Effect of diligence (Scotland)
185 Effect of diligence (Scotland)

185  Effect of diligence (Scotland)

(1)     In the winding up of a company registered in Scotland, the following provisions of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act [2016—

(a)     subsections (3) to (10) of section 23A (effect of sequestration on land attachment) and section 24 (effect of sequestration on diligence generally); and

(b)     subsections (6), (7), (10) and (11) of section 109 (management and realisation of estate),]

apply, so far as consistent with this Act, in like manner as they apply in the sequestration of a debtor's estate, with the substitutions specified below and with any other necessary modifications.

(2)     The substitutions to be made

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