173 Release (voluntary winding up)
173 Release (voluntary winding up)

(1)     This section applies with respect to the release of the liquidator of a company which is being wound up voluntarily.

(2)     A person who has ceased to be a liquidator shall have his release with effect from the following time, that is to say—

[(a)     in the following cases, the time at which notice is given to the registrar of companies in accordance with the rules that the person has ceased to hold office—

(i)     the person has been removed from office by a general meeting of the company,

(ii)     the person has been removed from office by a decision of the company's creditors and the company's creditors have not decided against his release,

(iii)     the person has died;

(b)     in the following cases, such time as the Secretary of State may, on the application of the person, determine—

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