[72H Sections 72A to 72G: supplementary]
[72H Sections 72A to 72G: supplementary]

[(1)     Schedule 2A (which supplements sections 72B to 72G) shall have effect.

(2)     The Secretary of State may by order—

(a)     insert into this Act provision creating an additional exception to section 72A(1) or (2);

(b)     provide for a provision of this Act which creates an exception to section 72A(1) or (2) to cease to have effect;

(c)     amend section 72A in consequence of provision made under paragraph (a) or (b);

(d)     amend any of sections 72B to 72G;

(e)     amend Schedule 2A.

(3)     An order under subsection (2) must be made by statutory instrument.

(4)     An order under subsection (2) may make—

(a)     provision

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