[A54 Interpretation of this Part: general]

[A54  Interpretation of this Part: general]

[(1)     In this Part—

“company” means—

(a)     a company registered under the Companies Act 2006 in England and Wales or Scotland, or

(b)     an unregistered company that may be wound up under Part 5 of this Act;

“the court” means such court as is prescribed;

“eligible”, in relation to a company, has the meaning given by Schedule ZA1;

“employer”, in relation to a pension scheme—

(a)     in sections A8(2)(c), A17(8)(c) and A39(8)(c), means an employer within the meaning of section 318(1) of the Pensions Act 2004;

(b)     elsewhere in this Part, has the same meaning that it ha

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