[Part 17A Supplementary Provisions] (ss [434A-[434E)
[Part 17A Supplementary Provisions] (ss [434A-[434E)

[434A Introductory]

[The provisions of this Part have effect for the purposes of—

(a)     the First Group of Parts, and

(b)     sections 411, 413, 414, 416 and 417 in Part 15.]

[434B Representation of corporations [in decision procedures and] at meetings]

[(1)     If a corporation is a creditor or debenture-holder, it may by resolution of its directors or other governing body authorise a person or persons to act as its representative or representatives—

[(a)     in a qualifying decision procedure, held in pursuance of this Act or of rules made under it, by which a decision is sought from the creditors of a company, or]

(b)     at any meeting of a company held in pursuance of the provisions contained in a debenture or trust deed.

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