[87C Consideration of application for approval]
[87C Consideration of application for approval]

[(1)     . . .

(2)     . . .

(3)     . . .

(4)     The [FCA] may by notice in writing require a person who has applied for approval of a prospectus to provide—

(a)     specified documents or documents of a specified description, or

(b)     specified information or information of a specified description.

(5)     . . .

(6)     Subsection (4) applies only to information and documents reasonably required in connection with the exercise by the [FCA] of its functions in relation to the application.

(7)     The [FCA] may require any information provided under this section to be provided in such form as it may reasonably require.

(8)     The [FCA] may require—

(a)     any information provided, whether in a document or otherwise, to be verified in such manner, or

(b)     any document produced to be authenticated in such manner,