[354G Information under the UCITS directive]
[354G Information under the UCITS directive]

[(1)     The FCA must give the Commission and ESMA—

(a)     information about any general difficulties which UK UCITS (within the meaning given in section 237(3)) encounter in marketing their units in a country or territory other than an EEA State; and

(b)     the lists referred to in the third sub-paragraph of Article 52.4 of the UCITS directive (categories of bonds and of authorised issuers) and the notice required to be attached to those lists (specifying the status of guarantees offered).

(2)     The Treasury must inform the Commission and ESMA—

(a)     of the identity of the authority (or authorities) for the time being designated by the Treasury under Article 97.1 of the UCITS directive (designation of authorities competent to carry out duties under that directive);