[314A The PRA's objectives in relation to Lloyd's etc]
[314A The PRA's objectives in relation to Lloyd's etc]

[(1)     This section modifies—

(a)     the effect of sections 2B and 2C (the PRA's general objective and insurance objective), and

(b)     the effect of section 3I (power of PRA to require FCA to refrain from specified action),

in relation to anything done, or proposed to be done, by the PRA under or for the purposes of this Part.

(2)     This section applies only if PRA-authorised persons include—

(a)     the Society, or

(b)     other persons who carry on regulated activities in relation to anything done at Lloyd's.

(3)     Section 2B(2) and (3) have effect as if references to PRA-authorised persons (or a PRA-authorised person) were references to the Society, and the members of the Society, taken together (and sections 2G and 2J(3) are to be read accordingly).