[131G Power to impose penalty or issue censure]
[131G Power to impose penalty or issue censure]

[(1)     This section applies if the [FCA] is satisfied that a person has contravened—

(a)     any provision of [the short selling regulation]; or

(b)     any requirement imposed on the person under section 131E or 131F.

(2)     The [FCA] may impose a penalty of such amount as it considers appropriate on—

(a)     the person who contravened the provision or requirement; or

(b)     any person who was knowingly concerned in the contravention.

(3)     It may, instead of imposing a penalty on a person, publish a statement censuring the person.

(4)     The [FCA] may not take action against a person under this section after the end of the limitation period unless, before the end of that period, it has given a warning notice to the person under section 131H.