[Part 13 Co-Operation and Assistance]

[Part 13 Co-Operation and Assistance]

[Duties to co-operate


(1)     Each of the FCA, the PRA and the scheme manager must take such steps as they consider appropriate, for the purposes in sub-paragraph (2), to co-operate—

(a)     with each other and the Treasury (“the UK entities”), and

(b)     with the government of Gibraltar and the Gibraltar regulator (“the Gibraltar entities”).

(2)     Those purposes are—

(a)     to secure that they, and the Treasury, are able to perform their functions under this Schedule and section 32A, and

(b)     to secure that, so far as is reasonably possible, there is co-operation between the UK entities and the Gibraltar entities which the Treasury, having regard to the objectives in paragraph 7(1), consider adequate.

(3)     For the purposes of sub-paragraph (2), the FCA, the PRA and the scheme manager must, among other things, have regard to—

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