Part II Investments


The matters with respect to which provision may be made under section 22(1) in respect of investments include, in particular, those described in general terms in this Part of this Schedule.


(1)     Shares or stock in the share capital of a company.

(2)     “Company” includes—

(a)     any body corporate (wherever incorporated), and

(b)     any unincorporated body constituted under the law of a country or territory outside the United Kingdom,

other than an open-ended investment company.


Any of the following—

(a)     debentures;

(b)     debenture stock;

(c)     loan stock;

(d)     bonds;

(e)     certificates of deposit;

(f)     any other instruments creating or acknowledging a present or future indebtedness.


(1)     Loan stock, bonds and other instruments—

(a)     creating or acknowledging indebtedness; and

(b)     issued by or on behalf of a government, local authority or public authority.

(2)     “Government, local authority or public authority” means—

(a)     the government of the United Kingdom, of Northern Ireland, or of any country or territory outside the United Kingdom;

(b)     a local authority in the United Kingdom or elsewhere;

(c)     any international organisation the members

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