[Part 1 General]


In this Schedule—

“the Bank” means the Bank of England;

“functions”, in relation to the FCA, means functions conferred on the FCA by or under any provision of this Act (see section 1A(6) which affects the meaning of references to such functions).


(1)     The constitution of the FCA must provide for the FCA to have a governing body.

(2)     The governing body must consist of—

(a)     a chair appointed by the Treasury,

(b)     a chief executive appointed by the Treasury,

(c)     the Bank's Deputy Governor for prudential regulation,

(d)     2 members appointed jointly by the Secretary of State and the Treasury, and

(e)     at least one other member appointed by the Treasury.

(3)     The members referred to in sub-paragraph (2)(a), (c) and (d) are to be non-executive members.

(4)     In exercising its powers under sub-paragraph (2)(e) to appoint executive or non-executive members, the Treasury must secure that the majority of members of the governing body are non-executive members.

(5)     An employee of the FCA may not be appointed as a non-executive member.

(6)     In the following provisions of this Schedule an “appointed member” means a member of the governing body appointed under sub-paragraph (2)(a), (b), (d) or (e).


(1)     The term of office of a person appointed as chief executive under paragraph 2(2)(b) must not begin before—

(a)     the person has, in connection with the appointment, appeared before the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons, or

(b)     (if earlier) the end of the period of 3 months beginning with the day on which the appointment is made.


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