Part IV The Voluntary Jurisdiction


This Part of this Schedule applies only in relation to the voluntary jurisdiction.


(1)     Complaints are to be dealt with and determined under the voluntary jurisdiction on standard terms fixed by the scheme operator with the approval of the [FCA].

(2)     Different standard terms may be fixed with respect to different matters or in relation to different cases.

(3)     The standard terms may, in particular—

(a)     require the making of payments to the scheme operator by participants in the scheme of such amounts, and at such times, as may be determined by the scheme operator;

(b)     make provision as to the award of costs on the determination of a complaint.

(4)     The scheme operator may not vary any of the standard terms or add or remove terms without the approval of the [FCA].

(5)     The standard terms may include provision to the effect that (unless acting in bad faith) none of the following is to be liable in damages for anything done or omitted in the discharge or purported discharge of functions in connection with the voluntary jurisdiction—

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