409 Gibraltar
409 Gibraltar

(1)     The Treasury may by order—

(a)     modify Schedule 3 so as to provide for Gibraltar firms of a specified description to qualify for authorisation under that Schedule in specified circumstances;

(b)     modify Schedule 3 so as to make provision in relation to the exercise by UK firms of rights under the law of Gibraltar which correspond to [the EEA rights that UK firms had immediately before IP completion day];

(c)     . . .

(d)     modify section 264 so as to make provision in relation to collective investment schemes constituted under the law of Gibraltar;

(e)     . . .

(f)     . . ..

(2)     The fact that a firm may qualify for authorisation under Schedule 3 as a result of an order under subsection (1) does not prevent it from applying for a [Part 4A permission].

(3)     “Gibraltar firm” means a firm which has its head office in Gibraltar or is otherwise connected with Gibraltar.

(4)     . . .

(5)     “Specified” means specified in the order.

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