393 Third party rights

393  Third party rights

(1)     If any of the reasons contained in a warning notice to which this section applies relates to a matter which—

(a)     identifies a person (“the third party”) other than the person to whom the notice is given, and

(b)     in the opinion of the [regulator giving the notice], is prejudicial to the third party,

a copy of the notice must be given to the third party.

(2)     Subsection (1) does not require a copy to be given to the third party if the [regulator giving the notice]—

(a)     has given him a separate warning notice in relation to the same matter; or

(b)     gives him such a notice at the same time as it gives the warning notice which identifies him.

(3)     The notice copied to a third party under subsection (1) must specify a reasonable period (which may not be less than [14 days]) wi

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