[419A Claims management services]
[419A Claims management services]

[(1)     In this Act “claims management services” means advice or other services in relation to the making of a claim.

(2)     In subsection (1) “other services” includes—

(a)     financial services or assistance,

(b)     legal representation,

(c)     referring or introducing one person to another, and

(d)     making inquiries,

but giving, or preparing to give, evidence (whether or not expert evidence) is not, by itself, a claims management service.

(3)     In this section “claim” means a claim for compensation, restitution, repayment or any other remedy or relief in respect of loss or damage or in respect of an obligation, whether the claim is made or could be made—

(a)     by way of legal proceedings,

(b)     in accordance with a scheme of regulation (whether voluntary or compulsory), or

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