298 Directions and revocation: procedure

298  Directions and revocation: procedure

(1)     Before giving a direction under section 296 [or 296A], or making a revocation order under section [297(1B), (2),] [(2A) or (2D)], [the appropriate regulator] must—

(a)     give written notice of its intention to do so to the recognised body concerned;

(b)     . . .

(c)     . . ..

(2)     A notice under subsection (1) must—

(a)     state why [the appropriate regulator] intends to give the direction or make the order; and

(b)     draw attention to the right to make representations conferred by subsection (3).

(3)     Before the end of the period for making representations—

(a)     the recognised body,

(b)     . . .

(c)     . . .

may make representations

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