[261S Proposal to convert to a non-feeder UCITS]
[261S Proposal to convert to a non-feeder UCITS]

[(1)     This section applies where the operator of an authorised contractual scheme which is a feeder UCITS proposes to make an alteration to the scheme which—

(a)     involves a change in the contractual scheme deed, and

(b)     will enable the scheme to convert into a [UK] UCITS which is not a feeder UCITS.

(2)     The operator must give written notice of the proposal to the FCA.

(3)     Any notice given in respect of such a proposal must be accompanied by—

(a)     a certificate signed by a solicitor to the effect that the change will not affect the compliance of the deed with the contractual scheme rules; and

(b)     the specified information.

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