[243A Authorisation orders: authorised money market funds]
[243A Authorisation orders: authorised money market funds]

[(1)     If, on an application under section 242(1)(b) in respect of a unit trust scheme, conditions A and B are met the FCA may make an order declaring the scheme to be an authorised money market fund.

(2)     Condition A is that the FCA is satisfied that the scheme will be able to comply with the requirements imposed on a money market fund under the MMF Regulation.

(3)     Condition B is that—

(a)     the scheme is an authorised unit trust scheme, or

(b)     the scheme—

(i)     is the subject of an application under section 242(1)(a), and

(ii)     the conditions in section 243(1)(a) to (c) are met in relation to that application.

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