226 Compulsory jurisdiction
226 Compulsory jurisdiction

(1)     A complaint which relates to an act or omission of a person (“the respondent”) in carrying on an activity to which compulsory jurisdiction rules apply is to be dealt with under the ombudsman scheme if the conditions mentioned in subsection (2) are satisfied.

(2)     The conditions are that—

(a)     the complainant is eligible and wishes to have the complaint dealt with under the scheme;

(b)     the respondent was an authorised person[, [or an electronic money issuer within the meaning of the Electronic Money Regulations 2011] or a payment service provider within the meaning of the Payment Services Regulations [2017],] at the time of the act or omission to which the complaint relates; and

(c)     the act or omission to which the complaint relates occurred at a time when compulsory jurisdiction rules were in force in relation to the activity in question.

(3)     “Compulsory jurisdiction rules” means rules—