[191G Interpretation]
[191G Interpretation]

[(1)     In this Part—

“acquisition” means the acquisition of control or of an increase in control over a UK authorised person;

[“the appropriate regulator” is to be read in accordance with section 178(2A);]

“credit institution” means—

(a)     a credit institution authorised under the [capital requirements directive]; or

(b)     an institution which would satisfy the requirements for authorisation as a credit institution under that directive if it had its registered office (or if it does not have a registered office, its head office) in an EEA State;

“shares” has the same meaning as in section 422;

“UK authorised person” means an authorised person who—

(a)     is a body incorporated in, or an unincorporated association formed under the law of, any part of the United Kingdom; and

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