[189 Assessment: Procedure]

. . .

[189  Assessment: Procedure]

[(1)     The [appropriate regulator] must act under section 185 within a period of 60 working days beginning with the day on which the [appropriate regulator] acknowledges receipt of the section 178 notice (“the assessment period”).

[(1A)     [Where the appropriate regulator is the FCA and] the section 178 notice relates to an acquisition or increase of control over a [qualifying credit institution], investment firm or banking group company, the Bank of England, acting in the exercise of its functions under sections 6A to 6C of the Banking Act 2009 or under the special resolution regime under Part 1 of that Act, may direct the appropriate regulator to act under this Part in a timely manner, and to shorten the assessment period so far as reasonably practicable.

[(1ZB)     Where the appropriate

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