[188 Assessment: consultation with EC competent authorities]
[188 Assessment: consultation with EC competent authorities]

[(1)     The [appropriate regulator] must consult any appropriate home state regulator before making a determination under section 185 and, in doing so, must comply with such requirements as to consultation as may be prescribed.

(2)     Where the [appropriate regulator] makes a determination under section 185, it must indicate any views or reservations received from any home state regulator it consults in accordance with subsection (1).

(3)     The [appropriate regulator] must cooperate with any equivalent consultation [in relation to a UK authorised person by the home state regulator of an EEA firm].

(4)     In order to comply with an obligation under subsection (1) or (3), the [appropriate regulator] must provide the regulator with—

(a)     any relevant information that it requests; and

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