[122B General power to require information]
[122B General power to require information]

[(1)     The FCA may, by notice in writing, require a person—

(a)     to provide specified information or information of a specified description; or

(b)     to produce specified documents or documents of a specified description.

(2)     This section applies only to information and documents that the FCA reasonably requires for the purpose of the exercise by it of functions under the market abuse regulation or a supplementary EU regulation [under supplementary market abuse legislation].

(3)     Information or documents required under this section must be provided or produced—

(a)     before the end of such reasonable period as may be specified; and

(b)     at such place as may be specified.

(4)     The FCA may require any information provided under this section to be provided in such form as it may reasonably require.

(5)     The FCA may require—

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122 . . .

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