[89H [FCA's] power to call for information]

[Power of [FCA] to call for information]

[89H  [FCA's] power to call for information]

[(1)     The [FCA] may by notice in writing given to a person to whom this section applies require him—

(a)     to provide specified information or information of a specified description, or

(b)     to produce specified documents or documents of a specified description.

(2)     This section applies to—

(a)     an issuer in respect of whom transparency rules have effect;

(b)     a voteholder;

(c)     an auditor of—

(i)     an issuer to whom this section applies, or

(ii)     a voteholder;

(d)     a person who controls a voteholder;

(e)     a person controlled by a voteholder;

(f)     a director

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