[87A Criteria for approval of prospectus by [FCA]]
[87A Criteria for approval of prospectus by [FCA]]

[Approval of prospectus]

[87A  Criteria for approval of prospectus by [FCA]]

[(1)     The [FCA] may not approve a prospectus unless it is satisfied that—

(a)     . . .

(b)     the prospectus contains the [information required by Article 6(1) or 14(2) of the prospectus regulation], and

(c)     all of the other requirements imposed by or in accordance with this Part[, the prospectus regulation or prospectus rules] have been complied with (so far as those requirements apply to a prospectus for the transferable securities in question).

[(2)     The necessary information is—

(a)     the information required by Article 6(1) of the prospectus regulation, or

(b)     in a case

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