[71I Sections 71B to 71H: interpretation]

[71I  Sections 71B to 71H: interpretation]

[(1)     For the purposes of sections 71B to 71H “relevant firm” means—

(a)     a bank as defined in section 2 of the Banking Act 2009,

(b)     a building society as defined in section 119 of the Building Societies Act 1986, or

(c)     an investment firm as defined in section 258A of the Banking Act 2009.

(2)     For the purposes of sections 71C to 71H, “parent undertaking” means an institution, financial holding company or mixed financial holding company which—

(a)     is incorporated in, or formed under the law of, any part of the United Kingdom,

(b)     is [a UK parent], and

(c)     either—

(i)     has a subsidiary which i

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