66 Disciplinary powers
66 Disciplinary powers

66  Disciplinary powers

(1)     [A regulator] may take action against a person under this section [(whether or not it has given its approval in relation to the person)] if—

(a)     it appears to the [regulator] that he is guilty of misconduct; and

(b)     the [regulator] is satisfied that it is appropriate in all the circumstances to take action against him.

[(1A)     For provision about when a person is guilty of misconduct for the purposes of action by a regulator—

(a)     see section 66A, in the case of action by the FCA, and

(b)     see section 66B, in the case of action by the PRA.]

[(2)     . . .

(2A)     . . .]

(3)     If the [regulator] is entitled to take action under this section against a person, [it may do one or more of the following—]

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