[142H Ring-fencing rules]

[Ring-fencing rules]

[142H  Ring-fencing rules]

[(1)     In the exercise of its power to make general rules, the appropriate regulator must in particular make rules—

(a)     requiring a ring-fenced body to make arrangements to ensure the effective provision to the ring-fenced body of services and facilities that it requires in relation to the carrying on of a core activity, and

(b)     making provision for the group ring-fencing purposes applying to ring-fenced bodies and to authorised persons who are members of a ring-fenced body's group.

(2)     Section 142E(1)(c) does not affect the power of the appropriate regulator to make general rules imposing restrictions on the extent of the shares or voting power that a ring-fenced body may hold in another company, except where a restriction on the extent of the shares or voting power that the ring-fenced body may hold in the company is imposed by order under section 142E(1)(c).

(3)     General rules that are required by this section or make provision falling within subsection (2) are in this Act referred

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