[137K ][Rules about resolution packs: duty to consult]
[137K ][Rules about resolution packs: duty to consult]

[(1)     Before [either regulator] prepares a draft of any general rules that require [a] relevant person (or [a] relevant person of a specified description) to prepare a [resolution pack], [the regulator] must consult [the Treasury].

[(1A)     The FCA must also consult the Bank of England.]

[(2)     “Relevant person” has the same meaning as in section 137J(2).]

(3)     A “[resolution pack]” is a document containing information within subsection (4) or (5).

(4)     Information is within this subsection if it relates to action to be taken in the event of—

(a)     circumstances arising in which it is likely that the business (or any part

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