[3A Meaning of “regulator”]

[Chapter 3
Further Provisions Relating to FCA and PRA]


[3A  Meaning of “regulator”]

[(1)     This section has effect for the interpretation of this Act.

(2)     The FCA and the PRA are the “regulators”, and references to a regulator are to be read accordingly.

(3)     Subsection (2) does not affect—

(a)     the meaning of the following expressions—

“home state regulator”;

“host state regulator”;

“overseas regulator”; . . .

(b)     the meaning of “the appropriate regulator” in Part 18 ([recognised investment exchanges, clearing houses and CSDs])[; or

(c)     the meaning of “regulator” in sections 410A and 410B (fees to meet certain expenses of Treasury)].]

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