[2D Power to provide for additional objectives]
[2D Power to provide for additional objectives]

[(1)     Subsection (2) applies to an order under section 22A which—

(a)     is made at any time after the coming into force of the first order under that section, and

(b)     contains a statement by the Treasury that, in their opinion, the effect (or one of the effects) of the proposed order is that an activity would become a PRA-regulated activity.

(2)     An order to which this subsection applies may specify an additional objective (“the specified objective”) in relation to specified activities that become PRA-regulated activities by virtue of the order (“the additional activities”).

(3)     In discharging its general functions so far as relating to the additional activities or PRA-authorised persons carrying on those activities, the PRA must, so far as is reasonably possible, act in a way—

[. . .]

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