[1H Further interpretative provisions for sections 1B to 1G]
[1H Further interpretative provisions for sections 1B to 1G]

[(1)     The following provisions have effect for the interpretation of sections 1B to 1G.

(2)     “Regulated financial services” means services provided—

(a)     by authorised persons in carrying on regulated activities;

(b)     . . .

(c)     by authorised persons in communicating, or approving the communication by others of, invitations to engage in investment activity [or to engage in claims management activity];

(d)     by authorised persons who are investment firms, or credit institutions, in providing relevant ancillary services;

(e)     by persons acting as appointed representatives;

(f)     by payment service providers in providing payment services;

(g)     by electronic money issuers in issuing electronic money;

(h)     by sponsors to issuers of securities;

(i)     by primary information providers to persons who issue financial instruments.

(3)     “Financial crime” includes any offence involving—

(a)     fraud or dishonesty,

(b)     misconduct in, or misuse of information relating to, a financial market,

(c)     handling the proceeds of crime, or

(d)     the financing of terrorism.

[. . .]

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