[Part 16A Consumer Protection and Competition] (ss [234C-[234O)
[Part 16A Consumer Protection and Competition] (ss [234C-[234O)

[234C Complaints by consumer bodies]

[(1)     A designated consumer body may make a complaint to the FCA that a feature, or combination of features, of a market in the United Kingdom for financial services [or of a market in Great Britain for claims management services] is, or appears to be, significantly damaging the interests of consumers.

[(1A)     But a complaint may not be made to the FCA under this section if it is a complaint which could be made to the Payment Systems Regulator by a designated representative body under section 68 of the Financial Services (Banking Reform) Act 2013 (complaints by representative bodies).

“Designated representative body” and “the Payment Systems Regulator” have the same meaning in this subsection as they have in that section.]

(2)     “Designated consumer body” means a body designated by the Treasury by order.

(3)     The Treasury—

(a)     may designate a body only if it appears to them to represent the interests of consumers of any description, and

(b)     must publish in such manner as they think fit (and may from time to time vary) criteria to be applied by them in determining whether to make or revoke a designation.

(4)     Sections 425A and 425B (meaning of “consumers”) apply for the purposes of this section, but the references to consumers in this section do not include consumers who are authorised persons.

(5)     In this section—

(a)     “market in the United Kingdom” has the meaning given in section 140A [(and “market in Great Britain” is to be construed accordingly)];

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