[Part 15A Power to Require FSCS Manager to Act in Relation to Other Schemes] (ss [224B-[224F)
[Part 15A Power to Require FSCS Manager to Act in Relation to Other Schemes] (ss [224B-[224F)

[224B Meaning of “relevant scheme” etc]

[(1)     The following provisions apply for the purposes of this Part.

(2)     “Relevant scheme” means a scheme or arrangement (other than the FSCS) for the payment of compensation (in certain cases) to customers of persons who provide financial services or carry on a business connected with the provision of such services.

(3)     References to the manager of a relevant scheme are to the person who administers it or (if there is no such person) the person responsible for making payments under it.

(4)     “The FSCS” means the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (see section 213(2)).

(5)     “The FSCS manager” means the scheme manager as defined by section 212(1).

(6)     “Expense” includes anything that, if incurred in relation to the FSCS, would amount to an expense for the purposes of the FSCS.

(7)     “Notice” means a notice in writing.

(8)     In subsection (2)—

(a)     “customers” includes customers outside the United Kingdom;

(b)     “persons” includes persons outside the United Kingdom;

(c)     references to the provision of financial services include the provision outside the United Kingdom of such services.

(9)     This Part applies to cases where the manager of the relevant scheme is the Treasury or any other Minister of the Crown as it applies to cases where that manager is any other person.]

[224C Power to require FSCS manager to act on behalf of manager of relevant scheme]

[(1)     This section applies if compensation is payable under a relevant scheme.

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