[192XA Rules applying to holding companies]


[192XA  Rules applying to holding companies]

[(1)     The PRA may make rules described in subsection (2) applying to financial holding companies and mixed financial holding companies that are—

(a)     approved under section 192R, or

(b)     designated under section 192T(2)(c),

where it appears to the PRA to be necessary or expedient to make the rules for the purpose of advancing any of its objectives.

(2)     Those rules are—

(a)     rules imposing requirements to be complied with by holding companies on a consolidated or sub-consolidated basis;

(b)     rules imposing requirements which, in the PRA's opinion, are likely to mitigate group risk;

(c)     rules imposing reporting requirements related to requirements described in paragraph (a) or (b);

(d)     rules imposing

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