67 Sex equality rule
67 Sex equality rule
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

(1)     If an occupational pension scheme does not include a sex equality rule, it is to be treated as including one.

(2)     A sex equality rule is a provision that has the following effect—

(a)     if a relevant term is less favourable to A than it is to B, the term is modified so as not to be less favourable;

(b)     if a term confers a relevant discretion capable of being exercised in a way that would be less favourable to A than to B, the term is modified so as to prevent the exercise of the discretion in that way.

(3)     A term is relevant if it is—

(a)     a term on which persons become members of the scheme, or

(b)     a term on which members of the scheme are treated.

(4)     A discretion is relevant if its exercise in relation to the scheme is capable of affecting—