124 Remedies: general
124 Remedies: general
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

(1)     This section applies if an employment tribunal finds that there has been a contravention of a provision referred to in section 120(1).

(2)     The tribunal may—

(a)     make a declaration as to the rights of the complainant and the respondent in relation to the matters to which the proceedings relate;

(b)     order the respondent to pay compensation to the complainant;

(c)     make an appropriate recommendation.

(3)     An appropriate recommendation is a recommendation that within a specified period the respondent takes specified steps for the purpose of obviating or reducing the adverse effect [on the complainant] of any matter to which the proceedings relate—

(a)     . . .

(b)     . . ..

(4)     Subsection (5) applies if the tribunal—

(a)     finds that a contravention is established by virtue of section 19, but