SCHEDULE 14 Educational Charities and Endowments
SCHEDULE 14 Educational Charities and Endowments
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

SCHEDULE 14 Educational Charities and Endowments

Section 99

Educational charities


(1)     This paragraph applies to a trust deed or other instrument—

(a)     which concerns property applicable for or in connection with the provision of education in an establishment in England and Wales to which section 85 or 91 applies, and

(b)     which in any way restricts the benefits available under the instrument to persons of one sex.

(2)     Sub-paragraph (3) applies if, on the application of the trustees or the responsible body (within the meaning of that section), a Minister of the Crown is satisfied that the removal or modification of the restriction would be conducive to the advancement of education without sex discrimination.

(3)     The Minister may by order make such modifications of the instrument as appear to the Minister expedient for removing or modifying the restriction.

(4)     If the trust was created by a gift or bequest, an order must not be made until the end of the period of 25 years after the date when the gift or bequest took

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