130 Section 129: supplementary
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

130  Section 129: supplementary

(1)     This section applies for the purposes of section 129.

(2)     A standard case is a case which is not—

(a)     a stable work case,

(b)     a concealment case,

(c)     an incapacity case, or

(d)     a concealment case and an incapacity case.

(3)     A stable work case is a case where the proceedings relate to a period during which there was a stable working relationship between the worker and the responsible person (including any time after the terms of work had expired).

(4)     A concealment case in proceedings relating to an equality clause is a case where—

(a)     the responsible person deliberately concealed a qualifying fact from the worker, and

(b)     the worker did not discov

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