110 Liability of employees and agents
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

110  Liability of employees and agents

(1)     A person (A) contravenes this section if—

(a)     A is an employee or agent,

(b)     A does something which, by virtue of section 109(1) or (2), is treated as having been done by A's employer or principal (as the case may be), and

(c)     the doing of that thing by A amounts to a contravention of this Act by the employer or principal (as the case may be).

(2)     It does not matter whether, in any proceedings, the employer is found not to have contravened this Act by virtue of section 109(4).

(3)     A does not contravene this section if—

(a)     A relies on a statement by the employer or principal that doing that thing is not a contravention of this Act, and

(b)     it is reasonable for A to do so.

(4)     A person (B) commits an offence if B knowingly or recklessly makes a statement mentioned in subsection (3)(a) which is false or misleading in a

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