212 General interpretation
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation


212  General interpretation

(1)     In this Act—

“armed forces” means any of the naval, military or air forces of the Crown;

“the Commission” means the Commission for Equality and Human Rights;

“detriment” does not, subject to subsection (5), include conduct which amounts to harassment;

“the Education Acts” has the meaning given in section 578 of the Education Act 1996;

“employment” and related expressions are (subject to subsection (11)) to be read with section 83;

“enactment” means an enactment contained in—

(a)     an Act of Parliament,

(b)     an Act of the Scottish Parliament,

(c)     an Act or Measure of the National Assembly for Wales, or

(d)     subordinate legislation;

“equality clause” means a sex equality clause or maternity equality clause;

“equality rule” means a sex equality rule or maternity equality rule;

“man” means a male of any

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