208 Ministers of the Crown, etc
208 Ministers of the Crown, etc
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

208  Ministers of the Crown, etc

(1)     This section applies where the power to make an order or regulations under this Act is exercisable by a Minister of the Crown or the Treasury.

(2)     A statutory instrument containing (whether alone or with other provision) an order or regulations that amend this Act or another Act of Parliament, or an Act of the Scottish Parliament or an Act or Measure of the National Assembly for Wales, is subject to the affirmative procedure.

(3)     But a statutory instrument is not subject to the affirmative procedure by virtue of subsection (2) merely because it contains—

(a)     an order under section 59 (local authority functions);

(b)     an order under section 151 (power to amend list of public authorities for the purposes of the public sector equality duty) that provides for the omi

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