188 Forgery, etc
Equality Act 2010 | Legislation

Chapter 4

188  Forgery, etc

(1)     In this section “relevant document” means—

(a)     an exemption certificate issued under section 166, 169 or 171;

(b)     a notice of a kind mentioned in section 166(3)(b), 169(4)(b) or 171(4)(b);

(c)     an accessibility certificate (see section 176);

(d)     an approval certificate (see section 177).

(2)     A person commits an offence if, with intent to deceive, the person—

(a)     forges, alters or uses a relevant document;

(b)     lends a relevant document to another person;

(c)     allows a relevant document to be used by another person;

(d)     makes or has possession of a document which closely resembles a relevant document.

(3)     A person guilty

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