194 House of Lords staff

Parliamentary staff

194  House of Lords staff

(1)     The provisions of this Act to which this section applies have effect in relation to employment as a relevant member of the House of Lords staff as they have effect in relation to other employment.

(2)     This section applies to—

(a)     Part I,

(b)     Part III,

(c)     in Part V, [sections [43M,] 44, 45A[, 47[,[47AA,] 47C [, 47D and 47E]]]], and sections 48 and 49 so far as relating to those sections,

(d)     Part VI, apart from sections 58 to 60,

[(e)     Parts [VIA,] VII, VIII and VIIIA,]

(f)     in Part IX, sections 92 and 93,

(g)     Part X,

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