176 Death of employee

176  Death of employee

(1)     Where an employee whose employer has given him notice to terminate his contract of employment dies before the notice expires, this part applies as if the contract had been duly terminated by the employer by notice expiring on the date of the employee's death.

(2)     Where—

(a)     an employee's contract of employment has been terminated by the employer,

(b)     (by virtue of subsection (5) of section 145) a date later than the relevant date as defined by the previous provisions of that section is the relevant date for the purposes of certain provisions of this Act, and

(c)     the employee dies before that date,

that subsection applies as if the notice to which it refers would have expired on the employee's death.

(3)     Where—

(a)     an employer has given notice to an employee to terminate his contract

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