120 Basic award: minimum in certain cases

(1)     The amount of the basic award (before any reduction under section 122) shall not be less than [£6,634] where the reason (or, if more than one, the principal reason)—

(a)     in a redundancy case, for selecting the employee for dismissal, or

(b)     otherwise, for the dismissal,

is one of those specified in section 100(1)(a) and (b), [101A(d),] 102(1) or 103.

[(1A)     . . .

(1B)     . . .]

[(1C)     Where an employee is regarded as unfairly dismissed by virtue of section 104F (blacklists) (whether or not the dismissal is unfair or regarded as unfair for any other reason), the amount of the basic award of compensation

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