108 Qualifying period of employment

Exclusion of right

108  Qualifying period of employment

(1)     Section 94 does not apply to the dismissal of an employee unless he has been continuously employed for a period of not less than [two years] ending with the effective date of termination.

(2)     If an employee is dismissed by reason of any such requirement or recommendation as is referred to in section 64(2), subsection (1) has effect in relation to that dismissal as if for the words [“two years”] there were substituted the words “one month”.

(3)     Subsection (1) does not apply if—

(a)     . . .

[(aa)     subsection (1) of section 98B (read with subsection (2) of that section) applies,]

[(b)     subsection (1) of section 99 (read with any regulations made under that section) applies,]

(c)     subsection (1) of section 100 (read with subsections (2) and (3) of that section) applies,

(d)     subsection (1) of section 101

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