[Part VA Protection for Applicants for Employment etc in the Health Service] (ss [49B-[49C)
[Part VA Protection for Applicants for Employment etc in the Health Service] (ss [49B-[49C)

[49B [The health service:] regulations prohibiting discrimination because of protected disclosure]

[(1)     The Secretary of State may make regulations prohibiting an NHS employer from discriminating against an applicant because it appears to the NHS employer that the applicant has made a protected disclosure.

(2)     An “applicant”, in relation to an NHS employer, means an individual who applies to the NHS employer for—

(a)     a contract of employment,

(b)     a contract to do work personally, or

(c)     appointment to an office or post.

(3)     For the purposes of subsection (1), an NHS employer discriminates against an applicant if the NHS employer refuses the applicant's application or in some other way treats the applicant less favourably than it treats or would treat other applicants in relation to the same contract, office or post.

(4)     Regulations under this section may, in particular—

(a)     make provision as to circumstances in which discrimination by a worker or agent of an NHS employer is to be treated, for the purposes of the regulations, as discrimination by the NHS employer;

(b)     confer jurisdiction (including exclusive jurisdiction) on employment tribunals or the Employment Appeal Tribunal;

(c)     make provision for or about the grant or enforcement of specified remedies by a court or tribunal;

(d)     make provision for the making of awards of compensation calculated in accordance with the regulations;

(e)     make different provision for different cases or circumstances;

(f)     make incidental or consequential provision, including incidental or consequential provision amending—

(i)     an Act of Parliament (including this Act),

(ii)     an Act of the Scottish Parliament,

(iii)     a Measure or Act of the National Assembly for Wales, or

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